The Essential Oils Community

People hear “essential oils” and they often think of scented candles and perfumes, but science and research has led to a whole new world of opportunity. A world of wellbeing as nature intended.

Break free from what the pharmaceutical giants and synthetic manufacturers have told you about your body. If you’re genuinely ready to do that, to make that change and to thrive, then you’ve come to the right place.

Natural Alternatives

There are nearly countless ways of using essential oils, many of which can take the place of synthetic alternatives people typically use.

Minimize the amount of chemicals in your house and replace the unnecessary products with nature-driven alternatives like the ones below.

Flavor Supplement

“Febreeze” Spray

DIY Body scrub

Dish Cleaner

Laundry Detergent

Disinfectant Spray

Burn Ointment

DIY Cosmetics

Face Moisturizer

Laundry Softner

Bug Repelent

Lip Balm

Natural Way to Wellness

Essential oils aren’t just for the use of aromatherapy, massage and other spa treatments. Many have been extensively researched, leading the scientific community to discover their unique antibacterial properties and benefits in replacing synthetic common goods.

Of course, essential oils have long been known for their ability to heal, but few people realize that they can even kill off bacteria and pathogens, and help keep you away from seasonal threats. They’re also used in the food industry because of their preservative potency against food-borne pathogens, thanks to their antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

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Essential Oils in Everyday life

Skin & Hair Health

Emotional Support

Medicinal Effects

Food & Weight Assistance

Cleaning Alternatives

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